Mr. Bill Mentor My Mix Podcast Episode #38

Electronic Music Producer Mr. Bill: Managing Multiple Revenue Streams While Remaining True To Your Art

In this episode, we speak with Mr. Bill about his focused approach to electronic music production and touring and how he has developed multiple revenue streams with a sample pack company, a website-driven education business,  a label, a podcast and most recently collaborating with plugin developer, Yum on the VST plugin “Slap”.  

Learn why he transitioned out of using  Ableton for his live sets and his approach to using over 82 tracks in a one-hour set. We also talk about the impact AI is having on music creation and why Mr. Bill doesn’t consider it a threat to his career. We even talk about managing anxiety as an important process for all artists to get through their self-limiting beliefs. At the end, Mr. Bill reveals the collaborations on his upcoming release on a yet-to-be-disclosed label.

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Opening & Closing Music: Sol Potion Remix By Imaginate and Gregory J. Gordon, AKA CODE369


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Episode #38 with Mr. Bill

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