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Dylalien: Bending Genres with the West Psy Sound, Goa Gil, Fractal Cowboys, Dome Of Doom Records, and touring the World

Join industry veteran, Greg Gordon, in an ongoing series of interviews with music producers, recording artists, label bosses, and game audio experts, who all share their professional life stories and insights into their real-world successes and their passion for making music their lives.

In this episode, we get to know Dylalien, a San Francisco based artist who writes West Psy, a style of dance music born out of the now infamous Goa Gil parties in Northern California.

As a founding member of the Fractal Cowboys, with his musical partner, Quasar, the two have played around the world on 5 continents and at some of the largest festivals in Europe.

Dylalien shares the Fractal Cowboys song “Backdoor Dinosaur,” the first West Psy release put out with his musical partner of many years, Quasar. They also listen to and discuss his latest solo creations, “Clocktower” and “Waken and Baken”, recently signed with Dome Of Doom Records. He and Greg discuss the hallmarks of this emerging genre as an evolution of Trance music and its influences from traditional Psy Trance and west coast Bass music, as well as Dylalien’s personal inspiration from artists like Negativland and from creating “psychedelic propaganda” sound collage art before being introduced to Psy Trance at Burning Man.

Dylalien talks about his experience putting on events, from his first time meeting Goa Gil at Burning Man and now touring the world and performing in front of 10,000 plus crowds in South America and Israel.

The discussion focuses on the importance of evolving a genre and how that happens and the emerging regional differences in the popularity of Psy Trance, West Psy, and other genres around the world. Dylalien has recently joined the LA-based Record Label Dome of Doom, and is excited about the opportunity to grow a larger audience here at home in California!

Check out Dylalien Here: https://linktr.ee/dylalien

Check out Dome of Doom Records here: https://www.domeofdoom.org/

Listen to The tracks from the episode: https://open.spotify.com/track/3z6SPG1L6ecmaBz5SUnMhG?si=d3f930b0e4c345a3

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