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Creative uses of drum racks in music production program.

Ableton Live Drum Racks InDepth

Thanks for checking out today’s sample content from our new online course bundles! This three part video series includes some choice nuggets of production goodness from Ableton Live Certified instructor and Pyramind Graduate Zaak Kerstetter that are part of the Ableton Live InDepth course.

Have you ever gotten stuck trying to create rhythm patterns that sound unique and different? How about spending hours just trying to find and audition the right kick, snare or for that matter any drum sound that will make the perfect fit for your track or even take it to a whole new place you might never have expected?

Building a compelling drum beat can be as much about sound design as it is about pattern building. In this three part series of videos, Zaak demonstrates time saving production techniques with drum racks, MIDI effects, samplers, and key mapping to create mind bending randomized drum patterns and make sound selection much simpler…I mean sampler! 😉

By using the Ableton arpeggiator and randomizer plugins in conjunction with the drum rack Zaak shows how to generate, record and then edit drum tracks that would otherwise be close to impossible to program on your own. He then goes on to build out a drum rack with imbedded samplers to show how to make a custom drum rack with as many samples as you want to choose from that are all assigned to the same note for quick & easy auditioning and sound selection. All this while listening to playback of your MIDI track and ready to be used in any of your custom production templates.

This is just a sample of the over 300 videos Pyramind’s online classes are jammed packed with… And don’’t forget the amazing opportunity to connect with one of our mentors for direct one on one feedback and answers to all your burning questions!



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