Does hardware enhance your capabilities as a music producer?

Does Hardware Make You A Better Producer? Producing Out Loud Ep. 12 ft. Moldover & Thavius Beck

Welcome to Producing Out Loud, our series where we discuss a wide range of topics related to music production, business, and technology.
In this episode, Pyramind’s Jeff Straw sits down with Moldover and Thavius Beck to discuss hardware and controllerism. They talk about hardware vs. software, advice for new producers, and whether or not hardware makes someone a better producer.

00:01:34 – Thavius Beck’s first hardware
00:04:43 – Why Moldover prefers hardware
00:08:16 – Thavius – using hardware at our Keith McMillen event
00:15:43 – Producing for the stage
00:19:12 – Advice for new producers looking to buy
00:22:26 – How important is having a mentor?
00:26:00 – The best part of teaching
00:27:40 – Closing thoughts

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