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DJ Tips & Tricks | Intro to Pioneer Rekordbox | Shawn Mercado (SHDWS)

Do you want to learn the software that pro DJs all over the world are using when they perform?

Check out Rekordbox! This software from Pioneer integrates flawlessly with their line of CDJ controllers.  
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In this video DJ tutorial, Pyramind DJ instructor Shawn Mercado aka M3RC walks you through a solid overview of Pioneer’s Rekordbox software (which covers rekordbox free and dj rekordbox).  Quickly becoming the industry standard, this versatile software allows you to organize your library of music for quick and easy access.  

Shawn teaches you how to store and utilize both memory locations and Hot Cues while organizing your set. He also shows you how to use Rekordbox in quantize mode which allows marker points to be dropped in right on the transients.  Basically that makes for good clean sounding jump in and loop points. 

Taking the time to do this sort of set up work really pays off when it comes time to perform live. This is the first video in a series from Shawn and we are excited to share them with you guys! 

Download Rekordbox here.

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