An in-depth & hands-on, 16 week DJ and performance night course

Ready to take the leap and learn the art of DJing? Want to get confident behind the decks and deliver an epic experience? Even if you have the drive, learning to DJ can be tricky without the proper tools, the right instructor, and the time to put it all together.

This is exactly why we created the DJ Night Program. To help aspiring DJs and music producers learn how to DJ using state of the art tools, with the help of a professional instructor, and at a time that works for everyone.

Our DJ training classes are now being held directly in the club at Monarch SF. Students get to immediately step up their game by performing in front of their peers in a real club environment.

Monarch showcases a custom gold Void Acoustics audio system, voted one of the top 10 sound systems in the US. This horn loaded European masterpiece is the first of its kind to be permanently installed on the West Coast and one of only a few in America.

These types of partnerships come from being in the industry so long and create meaningful relationships that build community. They are important not only for the fabric of our local scene but also give our students a leg-up to better prepare for a long career in music.

DJing is the best entry point to learning electronic music production.

There’s no substitute for putting your hands on the decks and practicing in front of others. Learning on your own, alone in your bedroom simply does not prepare you to take on a gig. Performing in a real club with the nurturing support of a mentor, is the best way to overcome fear, perfect those transitions, and get ready to rock the floor!

Start Your Journey In Music

Many electronic producers start as DJs. By learning the basics of music performance, you’ll also be learning about musical genres and song structure. Building a foundation in DJ’ing can lead to a career in music and playing music for your friends, fans, and huge crowds!

Train With experienced DJs

Pyramind’s DJ instructors are professional, playing some of the biggest festivals and the Bay Area’s biggest clubs. You’ll learn about the gear, the craft, and the business of DJ’ing from supportive teachers who love what they do.

Weekly Class & Lab Time in the Club

Performing is best learned by doing it over and over again in a real setting. This is why we now hold our classes and lab time at Monarch SF. Aditional lab time can also be booked on the decks at our recording studio facilities only a few city blocks away.

By taking our DJ program, you’ll have loads of time on the decks both in front of fellow students and your instructor, as well as plenty of practice time on your own.


  • Rekordbox software and song anaylsis.
  • CDJ’s and DJ Mixers.
  • Showmanship and reading the crowd.
  • Working with scenes.
  • Harmonic Mixing.
  • Building a set list.
  • EQing and working with FX.
  • Promotion and Getting paid.

Ready to Start?

Tuition: $1,485

  • prepare & perform a full set
  • 2 hours per night, 16 weeks
  • Practice time on club DJ rigs
  • All courses held at Monarch SF
  • discounts on Ableton
  • Discounts at select retailers