Xbox one logo on a green background with beatmaking capabilities.

Develop New Sound Set for the XBOX One Dashboard

Pyramind Studios was honored to be part of an elite team contributing to the sound effects design for the Dashboard interface of the new XBOX One console, releasing November 22. The Pyramind Design Team, consisting of Audio Designer Jeremy Garren and Sound Designers Jon Shamieh and Mike Forst spent many hours honing the design for the new console to iterate and evolve the sounds from the XBOX 360 console.

Armed with video capture of the new Dashboard’s look, the team focused on the interface’s premium design as well as its clean and crisp visual aesthetic. “The challenge of working on a project like this is to create sounds that capture the essence of the ecosystem of XBOX while still being concise and seamless enough as not to deter from what’s happening visually – a holistic experience,” says Michael Roache, Director of Production, “this project was very near and dear to all our hearts since we’re all gamers and we’ll be spending a lot of time in this environment. We wanted to create a sound landscape that was iconic, but one that you wouldn’t tire of when you heard it for the thousandth time.”

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