Current Student Siddhant Bhosle Releases Debut Single “Tu Beautiful Hai”

One of our students Siddhant Bhosle, a singer-songwriter who is known for his covers of popular Bollywood songs, has released his debut single ‘Tu Beautiful Hai’ in collaboration with India’s Zee Music Company.

The song that released in November last year has been ‘re-imagined’ in collaboration with other Pyramind Students with Siddhant Bhosle on vocals, Jason Butler on the bass, Nikhil Das on Drums, Dyno Guan with the arrangement and to top it off Mixed and Mastered by our Sounds Design instructor Mario Graham. The lyrics were penned down by Prashant Ingole and the video was recorded at Pyramind Studios.

The singer and his friends have created a unique sound with a combination of both the acoustic and electronic elements with a mellifluous vibe to it. 

Siddhant is currently enrolled in our EMP program. He continues to work on his productions and has another song that will be released soon. 

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