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Creating and Selling NFTs + Producing Epic Pandemic Projects with Todd Kushnir

Todd Kushnir AKA Kush’s diverse background in the music industry is a fabulous example of determination and making the right choices at the right time. He is an artist and creative explorer who has been free-diving at the intersection of sound, video, and experience design for more than 30 years.
He has created multimedia experiences for DJ Shadow, Meat Beat Manifesto, Dream Theater, and numerous other artists. His extensive experience as a live and studio engineer, video producer, multi-instrumentalist, 2D/3D graphic designer are all on display in his latest work in the NFT world. 
In the following episode of Mentor My Mix, Kush discusses how he got into the world of NFT’s, why they’re important, and tips for getting started with your own.
He also shares his experience mixing and producing the Everyone Orchestra, a significant collaborative musical project that features members of The Grateful Dead, Phish, The String Cheese Incident, The Flecktones, ALO, Tea Leaf Green, Living Colour and Dave Mathews Band among others.

Listen to the full interview above or watch a shortened version of the interview below

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