Composer Jeremy Garren Co-Composes XBOX One Launch Title, Crimson Dragon

Pyramind Studios’ composer Jeremy Garren has co-written a compelling new score for Crimson Dragon, the spiritual successor to the Panzer Dragoon series.

Mr. Garren worked in association with Saori Kobayashi, who has been composing for the Panzer Dragoon series for more than 10 years, to capture the spirit of the series and elevate the score to new heights. Developed by Grounding and published by Microsoft Studios, Crimson Dragon is one of the most anticipated games launching on the new console.

Mr. Garren enjoyed co-collaborating with Mark Yeend and Paul Lipson, Content Director and Music Director for Microsoft Studios, respectively. The Pyramind Team recorded original live elements for the score, including Mr. Yeend himself on percussion, Chris Bleth on woodwinds including alto flute, duduk and oboe, Jillian Aversa performing solo vocals on the Main Theme and The New York Film Chorale led by Dwayne Condon.

My charge, musically, was to fuse together a sense of Draco, the new game world, with the history of the Panzer Dragoon series and the work already done by the original composer, continues Mr. Garren, in particular, I tried to capture the huge scale, danger, and outright crisis posed by those massive beasts.

In addition to co-composing the in-game score, Pyramind and the Microsoft team created and supervised the production of the soundtrack release for the game. Both the game and the soundtrack will release day and date with the XBOX One on November 22, 2013. The game will be available for digital download and the soundtrack will be released by Microsoft Studios Music Label.

Working on the Crimson Dragon score was a great opportunity to add my creative voice to many of Kobayashi-san’s wonderful melodies and to ultimately orchestrate and unify all of the the fine live performances recorded for the project.

— Jeremy Garren

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