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An intensive 1-year music, post production, and sound for picture and games, career-building course.

Open all the career doors

The Complete Producer program builds your skills in a wide range of disciplines – music production, post-production, sound design, audio engineering, and sound for picture and games.

BOOK TIME in 3 studios

Book time in any one of our three studios throughout your training program. You’ll be working with industry-standard gear in great-sounding rooms so you’ll know exactly how well your mixes translate to clubs, screens or consoles. There’s no experience like producing your music in a professional studio!

1-on-1 weekly mentorship

months of studio time

student ratio

finished tracks

35 portfolio pieces

hours of class time




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Develop your own sound

Whether producing sound for Music, Film, TV or Games, you’ll need a complete skill set to satisfy your client. With the Complete Producer program, you’ll be challenged to produce media in multiple formats for multiple purposes. This is the program to take if you want to set yourself up for the MOST career opportunities.

launch your career

The Complete Producer is intense – it’s designed to overload you just like the real world. Throughout the program, you’ll have multiple projects running and you’ll have to manage your time, communicate your deadlines to partners and clients. 

You’re drawn to a career in sound because you’re passionate about doing what you love. With the training in the Complete Producer, you’ll bridge the wide gap between being a hobbyist to becoming a professional.


This program is designed to give you the knowledge, experience and portfolio pieces you need to have the confidence to secure a stable future in this competitive industry.


At Pyramind we believe in fueling your passion with caring instructors and collaborative relationships that build life-long relationships with other developing artists.


Take the next step in evolving your sound into your career and building the life you want by applying now. We’ll follow up with an interview to answer all your questions!


We can’t wait to hear what you create.

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Tuition: $25,995

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