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Designed for the passionate gamer seeking to gain a comprehensive understanding of game audio.

Learn the art and science of Game Audio. Includes advanced training in middleware tools Wwise and FMOD,  Avid Pro Tools 130 Game Audio Certification, Pro Tools level Two 201 & 210 certifications, Game Sound Design, Music scoring, Dialog editing, and game engine implementation.

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Work with the biggest names in the industry

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288 hours of class time
Industry certifications

The Game Audio Program at Pyramind offers a comprehensive education in the field of game audio, preparing students for crafting and implementing sound for video games and interactive media.

It can be taken over six months or one year. When taken over six months the program is broken into two, three-month levels, taking four classes per week. When taken over one year the program is broken into four three-month levels taking two classes per week.

Each course is twelve weeks long and meets for one three-hour session per week. You also get priority access to booking weekly studio time in our pro studios to work on your class projects and develop your portfolio pieces.

Level 1

Delve into adaptive audio for games, bridging linear and interactive playback.

Explore post-production recording, editing, processing, and mixing for impressive portfolio development.

Establish a strong audio fundamentals base crucial for music production success.

Learn industry-standard Pro Tools techniques with PT 101 & 201 Avid certification.

Free Bonus Class when you enroll in the Game Audio Program!
Music Theory for Producers

Free Bonus Class!
Music Theory for Producers

Level 2

Hands-on projects involving orchestration and the creation of loops, layers, and transitions for a comprehensive understanding of sound design and musical composition.

Final stage mixing & mastering for delivery of game audio assets for achieving the desired release-ready in-game sound quality.

Advanced Pro Tools training, PT 201 & 210 certification paving the path to Expert Certification.

Master your distinct sound: Dive into synthesizer and foley sound design creativity.

Learn To Produce Sound For Games & Interactive Media

The six-month Game Audio Program at Pyramind offers a comprehensive education in the field of game audio, preparing students for crafting and implementing sound for video games and interactive media. Here’s a breakdown of what the program entails:

Core Skills and Concepts: The program aims to equip students with essential skills and knowledge related to game audio. This includes understanding the workflow, techniques, and principles involved in creating and integrating audio into video games.

Software Proficiency: Students will gain proficiency in industry-standard software tools such as Pro Tools, Audiokinetics WWISE, and Firelight Technologies FMOD. These tools are essential for creating, editing, and implementing game audio.

Hands-on Learning: The program emphasizes a hands-on approach, allowing students to practice what they learn in real-world scenarios. This includes working with sample materials, experimenting with different audio elements, and gaining practical experience in game audio production.

Scoring for Games: Students will learn how to score music specifically for video games. This involves understanding how music can enhance the gaming experience and how to compose music that fits seamlessly within a game’s context.

Middleware: Middleware is a key component of game audio development. The program covers middleware applications like Audiokinetics WWISE, providing students with a fundamental understanding of how to create and implement audio in games. This knowledge is valuable for producers, programmers, artists, and anyone involved in game audio production.

WWise 101 Certification (available online) and WWise 110 Hands-on Certification (on-site only). These certifications demonstrate proficiency in using Audiokinetics WWISE, a widely used middleware tool in the industry.

Pro Tools level Two 201 & 210 certifications

Pro Tools for Game Audio (PT130) course which provides students with exposure to the core skills, workflow, and concepts involved in creating and implementing game audio using Pro Tools systems. It covers basic sound design techniques along with example workflows. Session time is divided between demonstration and hands-on practice, with ample time to experiment with sample material.

Adaptive Sound Design: Students explore advanced sound design techniques for adaptive audio in games. This involves creating soundscapes that can adapt to player actions and game events. Students will work on both linear and interactive portions of a game, including cutscenes, and learn to compose music, design sound effects, and handle dialog assets.
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“AAA” Game Audio Training

Learn form the best. Pyramind has produced music, sound design and dialog for some of the biggest games and game developers in world, including – Insomniac Games, Ubisoft, Microsoft Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, Sony Interactive, Disney Interactive and many more!

“Thanks for all the great work on the music for the
game Greg! It’s one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever
worked on… I can’t get enough of it and listen to the
tracks all the time!”
Paul Mudra Audio Director Insomniac Games


Audio Director, Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac Games

Discover the making of the soundtrack for “Sunset Overdrive”, an award-winning 3rd person shooter game, that involved 42 original compositions with 14 bands and artists from all over the USA. All co-written & produced by Pyramind founder, Greg Gordon.

What some of our Alumni Say about their Pyramind Experience

Here are some highlights of our alumni working at top Game Studios, Production Companies and Audio Tech Companies in the industry

What some of our students say about the
benefits of their Pyramind experience
The relationships I gained through this school were incredible and vital. I got my internship opportunity with DoubleFine through Pyramind and was mentored by the award-winning Game Audio Director, Emily Ridgway. I also got to work beside one of the best sound designers, Brian Min, all under the roof of video game icon, Tim Schafer.. Now I’m the Audio Director!

Camden Stoddard

  • Audio Director at Doublefine Studios
  • Pyramind Alumni
What some of our students say about the
benefits of their Pyramind experience
“Some of the most important things I learned at Pyramind that I use the most are game audio implementation and game audio technology… I had started learning programing on my own to supplement the classes and that on top of the classes that taught me how to get started in Unity, how to put audio into a level and mix in game was really useful. Just after graduating, Pyramind got me an interview with Nick Gallant, Audio Director at Disney Interactive and that was my first job out of school”

Brennan Anderson

  • Senior Sound Designer Riot Games
  • Pyramind Alumni
What some of our students say about the
benefits of their Pyramind experience
I came to Pyramind because I’ve been a musician my whole life and I was always very intrigued by interactive music for games and I wanted to learn from the very best so I came here.

Joshua Gouzy

  • Audio Designer
  • Turn 10 Studios a Microsoft AAA Developer
  • Pyramind Alumni
What some of our students say about the
benefits of their Pyramind experience
Pyramind provided me a supportive environment to learn and participate with others that share my interest in game audio. Their excellent instructors helped inspire and focus my passion. Their frequent events related to music and games helped me to learn from and network with many important people in the game audio community.

Shawn Minoux

  • Principal Sound Designer at Blizzard Entertaiment
  • Pyramind Alumni

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