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A man with a beard is staring at the camera while using a music production program for beatmaking and mixing mastering.

Giorgio Blosi | Speaker Bomb | International Student (Italy)

Pyramind alumni Giorgio Blosi, aka Speaker Bomb, released a new EP titled “Rock the Beat” on Passenger Records (UK). He also works as a sound designer and composer for an indie video game made by students from a Game Design Master at the University of Santa Clara, leading a team of two Pyramind alumni. 

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Pyramind Overwatch Shawn Minoux

Shawn Minoux: Sound Designer at Blizzard Entertainment

Pyramind alumni Shawn Minoux now works as a sound designer on Blizzard’s audio team. He designs sounds and implements them using commercial audio software and proprietary authoring tools.

“It’s exciting and challenging work that has proven to be quite rewarding and fun. I learn something new every day and truly love my job, my team, and the culture here at Blizzard.”

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A music producer working on a microphone in a recording studio, using a mixing mastering program.

Paul O’Rourke Works For Double Fine Studios

Pyramind alumni Paul O’Rourke now works as an associate sound designer at Double Fine Studios in San Francisco.

He was introduced to sound designer Camden Stoddard of Double Fine through Steve Heithecker of Pyramind. Steve wanted to show Camden a 5.1 surround sound mix Paul had done for a class final, and they hit it off. After about a year of grabbing lunch and talking about gaming, they decided to give Paul a shot doing some dialogue editing on-site.

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A man in a yellow and black jacket standing in front of a field while exploring music production programs.

Michael Bricker

Pyramind alumni Michael Bricker landed an internship at Sony Computer Entertainment, after finishing his education here at Pyramind.

“My experience at Pyramind was nothing short of amazing. It seemed like I would walk out of each class knowing twice as much as the day before. Completing everything in less than a year was sometimes difficult, but worth it. The instructors there were all very accessible if you needed any help.”

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