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Jordan Hill – Jattik – Robot Funk EP

Pyramind alumni Jordan Hill, aka Jattik, recently released his first EP: Robot Funk.

“The instructors have definitely inspired me to constantly one-up myself every time. That has always been my goal is to make every track I make better than the last, and different in some kind of way. I have definitely been enjoying the journey, and Pyramind has helped me to understand that this is not a race to be producing as many tracks as possible as fast as I can.”

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SugarBeats (Luke Estes & Golden Toast)

Pyramind alumni Luke Estes recently collaborated with Golden Toast to form SugarBeats. They released their debut EP, Honey Jar, mid November 2012 with Street Ritual, a Bay Area glitch hop label. Their new album Cherry Bomb was just released on April 1st. They also have a couple remixes self released on their SoundCloud, as well as some they have yet to release.

“What’s great about the discography we’re building is that you can really hear our progress as we experiment with different styles and begin digging deeper into something neither of us could have expected, something unlike what we’ve heard before.”

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SNR (Swapneel Ukhalkar) | Progressive Trance Producer

Pyramind alumni Swapneel Ukhalkar produces progressive trance and big room house music under the name SNR. He recently launched a new record label called Adrenalin Room. His aim is to foster a lot of the upcoming EDM talent in San Francisco and create a strong artist family where artists can feed and grow off one another.

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Seapora Cross The Line (Remixes)

Pyramind alumni Seapora released a remix EP of their original track, “Cross The Line”, on Independent Distribution Collective’s label. Cross The Line is a kaleidoscope of sub-genre remixes that brings a fresh approach to the familiar electronic dance landscape. The original marries contemplative phrases of lingering piano and ethereal vocals with driven four on the floor beats.

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Ron Reeser

Pyramind alumni Ron Reeser A&R’s for Jetset Music, DJs, and produces original tracks for Ultra Music/Records. His remix of Alicia Keys’s “Rapture” was featured in Sex and the City 2

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