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10 ideas EDM producers can learn from rock and roll, including music production program and mixing techniques.

10 Ideas Electronic Dance Music Producers Can Steal From Rock and Roll

It’s a widely known fact that many of the great musicians, songwriters and producers borrow from their predecessors. After all, where would Tame Impala be without The Beatles, or The Black Keys without Led Zeppelin?

With that in mind, we put together this list of 10 tricks that an electronic music producer can “borrow” (we use that term liberally) from rock and roll. Grab a distortion pedal and check out the list:

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A music producer is standing in front of a recording studio, immersed in music production online free.

RAC – “I Still Wanna Know” | Theory & Arrangement Breakdown

Matt Donner is back with another breakdown. This time, he analyzes RAC’s “I Still Wanna Know” featuring Rivers Cuomo. Rather than focusing on the chord progression, Matt focuses on the unique arrangement of the track. He notes that although the song is sort of a “pop” song, the arrangement doesn’t follow the typical “pop format.”

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Explore the profound connection between music and magic through the study of music theory. Gain insights into composition, performance, and the enchanting aspects of music production.

The Connection Between Music & Magic | Ezra Sandzer-Bell

Pyramind mentor Ezra Sandzer-Bell is back with another insightful video. This time, he talks about the connection between music and magic, and examples of this theme in pop culture. He uses several examples from films, including Fantasia, The Goonies, and more. He also uses examples from video games, including multiple Zelda titles.

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Explore how Radiohead's groundbreaking music production utilizes innovative techniques in mixing and mastering.

How Radiohead Works | Paranoid Android

Pyramind instructor Ryan Rey deconstructs Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” from their seminal 1996 album OK Computer. This analysis will help you get a sense for how Radiohead works as a whole because they employ these techniques throughout their music. 

These techniques include:

• Pedal points
• Changing meters and Odd meters
• Modes and mode mixture
• Cadences
• Planing or parallel harmony
• Chromaticism 

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