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Our Complete Library of Mixing and Mastering Tutorials [2020] - Pyramind

Mixing and Mastering Tutorials

We’ve rounded up some of Pyramind’s most helpful mixing and mastering tutorials for producers struggling to give their songs more depth and punch. First, we need to get an important question out of the way: What’s the difference between mixing and mastering?

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Collaborating with Marshall to create beats and master them for free online music production.

Mixing Tips | iZotope Nectar | Will Marshall

In this music mixing tip, Pyramind instructor Will Marshall shows us how he uses iZotope Nectar to mix a saxophone part in an electro-funk track he is currently working on in Ableton Live. With its real-time pitch correction and harmony module, Nectar is traditionally used to treat vocals – but Will shows you that it is versatile enough for treating saxophone as well.

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