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Max Savage | Music Producer, Videographer, & Graduate of The Complete Producer Program

Max Savage is a Pyramind graduate who went on to start a successful audio and video production company called Noisy Savage. Today, he’s not only managing a full load of client work, but also working as a producer for multiple Bay Area bands, continuing to collaborate with his former classmates, and carving time out of his busy schedule to pursue passion projects.

He’s certainly found success in this industry since finishing his run at Pyramind’s ground campus. In this story, we ask him about his recent projects, how he’s managed to secure work as a freelancer, his foray into video, techniques for maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and more.

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Very Well Project (Anton Orlov) – Pyramind Online Student

Very Well Project, otherwise known as Anton Orlov, is a student of the Pyramind Mentorship Network. After learning about our school and mentorship network in an EDMProd article, Anton came to Pyramind looking for guidance on one of the most common challenges music producers face: finishing songs. Anton booked online mentorship sessions with Matt Donner, whose popular Production & Arranging courses specifically guide students from the beginning to the end of the production process, and as a result, he recently released his first completed track as the Very Well Project, Float Like a Butterfly (feat C-L).

After continued mentorship with Matt Donner, Anton released a second track, The Wave (feat. Inseparable), on October 27th, 2017.

Anton’s story is a journey from a hobbyist producer to a professional who is creating, finishing, and releasing quality music.

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Medikate | The Core Producer Graduate

When Kenny Sequeira, aka Medikate, came to Pyramind, he already had one goal firmly established in his mind: to land two original tracks on a Beatport Top 100 list by the end of the year. And that’s exactly what he accomplished, using two projects that were started in his Production & Arranging courses.

We sat down with him after hearing that both of his tracks were charting to ask him about how he conquered his goal and where he plans to go next. 

Kenny is a graduate of The Core Producer Program, the most streamlined, 8-month curriculum offered at our San Francisco campus.  Read the full interview below.

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BRØHG | Ableton Producer Online Program Graduate

Andrew Scanlan recently sat down with Jeff Brogger, also known as BRØHG, who graduated in 2016 from Pyramind’s Ableton Producer Online Program. Since finishing the online program and earning an Ableton Live certificate, BRØHG has finished an EP that’s on the brink of release, played live sets at various clubs and festivals, and plotted out a strategy for music-industry success that aspiring producers can reference to create their own path.

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Giorgio Blosi | Speaker Bomb | International Student (Italy)

Pyramind alumni Giorgio Blosi, aka Speaker Bomb, released a new EP titled “Rock the Beat” on Passenger Records (UK). He also works as a sound designer and composer for an indie video game made by students from a Game Design Master at the University of Santa Clara, leading a team of two Pyramind alumni. 

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