Running A Home Studio & Record Label w/ Bruce Mac Vaughn (Fierce Animal)

Music Business 210: Planning For Success with Gregory J. Gordon

As an on-going component of our curriculum, Pyramind founder and CEO, Gregory J. Gordon, draws upon his substantial Rolodex of friends and associates in the industry to join him in his advanced Music Business class. Aptly titled “Planning For Success”, Greg both interviews and moderates a class led presentation that takes us on a journey through the careers of successful audio professionals from all walks of the industry.

In this guest speaker presentation, long time techno music producer, label owner and DJ, Bruce Mac Vaughn, discusses the importance of developing your personal brand in the industry to set you apart from the competition. Bruce discusses his strategy to nurture and develop lasting relationships as both a home studio operator as well as a producer and label owner. His strategies have led to a flourishing and prolific career as both an artist himself as well as working with up & coming artists to help them craft their own path to success.

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About Bruce Mac Vaughn

Mac Vaughn (aka Bruce Mac Vaughn), an electronic music artist from San Francisco United States, has been releasing minimal and techno since 2011. His diverse style is a dark, sexy, mysterious and complex blend of sounds, incorporating an advanced understanding of sound design. Mac is also the owner and founder of the label Fierce Animal Recordings which has had numerous tracks in both the Techno and Minimal top 100 on multiple audio platforms such as Beatport and Traxsource. Both Mac and Fierce Animal Recordings have incredible global support from artist such as Dubfire (SCI+TEC), Paco Osuna (Minus), Umek (1605), Saeed Younan (Younan Music), Victor Calderone (Intec), Alex Stein (Sprout), Maksim Dark (SCI+TEC), Chris Rusu (SCI+TEC), Stacey Pullen (Blackflag Recordings), Mateo! (Dark Face Recordings), Superjunk (Toolroom, Difinitive, 1605), The Horrorist (Things To Come), Dylan Droik (Funk’n Deep Recordings, Black Kat), Manel Diaz (Code Rhythm Recordings), Sammy La Marca (Hungary Koala Records), Angelo Raguso/FAW9 (Bush, Frequenza), Chris Ojeda (Frequenza, P.U.N.C.H.I.S.) and many more.

In addition to his Techno production career, Mac has also been a featured speaker, influencer and teacher for some of the top audio schools across the globe. He has given talks and taught classes on production, mixing, mastering, branding and social media. Mac also runs and owns the audio firm Dark Star Audio which focuses on mixing, mastering and artist development. Dark Star Audio has worked with and for some of the biggest audio labels and brands in the music industry including: EMI, Sony, Downtown Records, Ultra, Spinnin Records, Toolroom, Intec, Kinke, Sample Magic, Sonic Academy, Ableton, Propellerheads, Pryamind, University of Phoenix, and many many others. As of late Mac has added a new label, ARCHON RECORDINGS to his credits as well as starting a producer community driven event called Headroom where artist and producers can hear their tracks on one of the top sound systems in the world at HALCYON of San Francisco.

Part 1

00:00:08 – Back Story
00:08:50 – Running A Home Studio / Pros & Cons
00:14:12- Working from home

00:16:30 – Keep Open

00:18:35 – Know What You Want (Goals)
00:23:20 – Whats your Number?
00:24:35 – Finding Work / Networking / Advertising / Job Bid Sites

00:30:16 – Creating A Network / Music Industry

Part 2

00:00:02 – Finding Value & Staying Relevant
00:01:08 – Self Assessment
00:03:21 – Finding Clients
00:05:45 – Be Careful of the Genre Game
00:06:50 – Working with difficult Clients

00:09:00 – Remixing Artists to Promote Yourself
00:11:00 – Online Mastering

00:20:37 – Pricing and Turn Around
00:22:30 – What Do They Really Need?
00:24:30- Artist Development – Branding
00:26:35 – Align with Your Brand
00:31:20 – Passive Income
00:36:12 – Sample Packs

Book A One-on-One Mentorship With Bruce Mac Vaughn

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