“Truth Hurts” by Lizzo with Captain Melody 3.0 – a quick tour

About this Breakdown – “Truth Hurts” – Lizzo

Lizzo is blowing up as any true “One Hunned Bad B*(&^ch” should – loud and in your face. In “Truth Hurts,” her vocals and video steal the show over what could be viewed as a very basic track.

However, as Matt uncovers, there’s something lurking underneath the “chords” (ahem) which provides a valuable lesson for anyone looking to break out of simple chord and key structures.

Matt also takes this opportunity to share Mixed in Key’s Captain Melody V3.0, which he worked on with the team at MIK closely. Using several of Matt’s melodic techniques, it solves MANY problems for producers who don’t play piano but are looking to create great melodies simply and quickly. Between the brush mode, the note-to-chord relationship tension indicator AND the brand new Idea Box, Captain Melody will save loads of time over note-by-note melodic creation.

About Matt and the Breakdown

Matt’s been teaching at Pyramind for 18 years and in that time, he’s been known for deconstructing songs as a means of explaining / teaching harmony, melody and producing with Theory. Some people even think he’s pretty funny :)….

The “Breakdown” series on YouTube is the manifestation of the deconstruction process and is well-received by the YouTube producer community with over 1MM views across the series.

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