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Bachelors Of Science: Collaborating, Running an Indie Label, and The importance of Meta Data

In this episode, Greg talks with Phil “Rene” Collis and Lukeino Argilla, two members of the Drum ‘n Bass group Bachelors of Science, who just released a brand new LP Within This Moment. The trio, including Chris Doe, was originally formed in San Francisco but is currently based mostly in southern California. They open up the conversation by talking about the process of collaborating on this fourteen-track LP and the challenges of working together while in different cities and across different platforms.

One of the members, Luke Argilla, also works for Dolby as a mix engineer using their Dolby ATMOS Spatial Audio system. Bachelors of Science has been releasing Dolby ATMOS mixes of their music since the remixes of their Space Between album from 2015. Luke has an Atmos-capable studio in his home. He talks about the strategies for creating spatial audio mixes of their songs and creating interesting listening experiences that will also translate to different listening environments.

Phil weighs in as a Dolby ATMOS music consumer. He talks about experiencing ATMOS audio for the first time in studios and nightclubs, and how the focus of the technology has begun to shift to streaming music at home.

Bachelor’s of Science have previously worked with Pyramind on a few occasions. Luke’s first release was on one of Pyramind’s Test Press compilations drawn from the events under the same name that Pyramind produced in the mid to late 2000’s. Bachelor’s of Science was featured as the opening track on the 2009 LovEvolution Compilation (along with many notable artists including Miguel Migs, Bassnectar, and Lee Coombs) which was released to benefit Pyramind’s annual scholarship fund. 

Their track, The Ice Dance, became one of their most played tracks but due to metadata mistakes on the Lovevolution compilation, the album was listed as a Bachelor’s Of Science release rather than a compilation. The three joke about it now but this was a problem that took some time to finally get resolved with the distributor, InGrooves. This discussion highlighted the importance of getting your metadata right the first time! 

In 2012, Bachelors Of Science founded CODE Recording, in order to publish their own music, as well as publish other standout Drum ‘n Bass artists.

The tracks “Stomp” and “Brighter Days” from the latest LP, are played and Phil and Luke talk about the inspirations for the tracks and their experiences working with the vocalists featured on them. Now that the record is out, the group has a full lineup of concerts everywhere from Denver to Sardinia and are getting new tracks produced and mixed for their next release.

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