Ashley Coull | Audio Coordinator | Anki OVERDRIVE

Ashley Coull came to Pyramind from UC Berkeley, where she received her B.A. in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Her audio specialties are in sound design, composition, and interactive audio. 

After graduating from Pyramind’s Sound for Picture and Games Program, she began working on staff as Pyramind’s Studio Manager before moving on to work as Audio Coordinator at Anki OVERDRIVE, a robotics and virtual reality toy company located in San Francisco. 

Ashley returned to Pyramind as a panelist for MindShare: Audio for VR & AR, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence on June 15, 2016. She spoke alongside audio professionals from SubPac and PullString Audio about her role as Audio Coordinator and the audio tech industry.

Ashley has also worked for San Francisco video game studio Double Fine Productions alongside fellow Pyramind graduates Camden Stoddard and Paul O’Rourke.

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Watch the video recap of Ashley at MindShare here:

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