Anki Overdrive Interactive Audio for games

Pyramind’s ongoing MindShare series features tech demos and discussions from the front lines of audio. Attendees of this event played games using the SubPac Tactile Bass System, HTC Vive, Oculus, and the Anki Overdrive. Pyramind’s Greg Gordon moderated the panel of audio directors from Anki, SubPac, and PullString.

Anki is a robotics and AI company best known for developing the Anki OVERDRIVE, a customizeable racetrack with app-controlled robotic supercars. In this three-part video series, Audio Director Brian Min and Audio Coordinator Ashley Coull discuss the influence audio has on their products, how hardware guides their development cycle, and what audio can do for robotics. One attendee was lucky enough to walk away with an Anki Overdrive. 

Ashley explains how hardware can be a roadmap for their development timeline. Brian talks about time constraints, battery limitations, and other hurdles they face when improving their products.

Anki’s Brian Min discusses how important audio is in relation to his company’s technology platform. In his experience, audio has always been about 5% of development – but at Anki, audio is extremely important – driving a much larger percentage of development initiatives at the company.

Ashley talks about how integral audio is when it comes to robotics. The experience without audio becomes mundane. With the Overdrive, Anki uses sound to try to build a world that you are playing your game in. Audio is also used to create personalities for each car.

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