An Evening with Keith McMillen Instruments

An Evening with Keith McMillen Instruments featuring Thavius Beck was held at Pyramind in April 2016. The free event was open to the public and included an open house sneak peak at Keith’s latest instruments – the K-Board Pro 4, BopPad, and the K-Mix. We set up the instruments in our HD Studio Suite to give people a hands on demo of the devices.

Keith McMillen has been designing musical instruments for 35 years and is responsible for the electric violin (Zeta Music), first programmable audio mixer and router (AKAI MPX820 and MB76), Mirror 6 MIDI Guitar, SoftStep 3D foot controller, K-Bow Bluetooth sensor bow, QuNeo 3D pad controller and the QuNexus & K-Board keyboards, among other things.

Watch his full presentation where he covers everything from his variety of products, his thoughts on technology and music, as well as some of his most recent products.

Learn more about Keith McMillen here

00:24:41 – K-Mix

00:30:39 – BopPad

00:33:55 – StringPort 2

00:38:02 – StrongArm Sustainer

00:41:30 – K-Board Pro 4

00:01:37 – Keith’s variety of products

00:04:02 – Networking

00:06:26 – TrioMetrik

00:16:13 – Technology & Music

00:20:13 – Sensor Technologies

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