Ryan is a graduate of the University of Alabama with expertise in music production and synthesis. He is a skilled music producer who excels in mixing and mastering techniques. Ryan offers online services for music

An Evening with Ableton | Ryan Origin | Video Recap

Ableton Certified Trainer Ryan Origin Discusses Max for Live


In this video from our Evening with Ableton event, Ryan really digs in on a few of the Max for Live devices that you can use creatively. Learn about Convolution Reverb Pro and how it’s different than a regular reverb.

Next up, you can watch Ryan showcase Granulator, “The cool thing about Granulator is that it will reward you for getting really nerdy with it and really diving in, and at the same time you can just throw something in there and play it.  You don’t need to know what every single function does for it to actually be useful. Think of it as a way of turning something (a sound) into a pad really quickly.” – Ryan Origin


  • 29:18 – Freezing tracks

    31:26 – Flattening tracks

    31:52 – Picking an audio clip to process in granulator

    33:53 – Using “spray” to change the start point of grains to make rhythmic effects sound less repetitive

    38:22 – Sequencing with session view example

    40:29 – Using Cthulhu to generate chords

    41:13 – Use of dummy clips

    44:14 – Session view lets you easily try out different ideas without committing/moving stuff

    46:50 – Max for Live “envelope”

    49:17 – Automation inside dummy clips 

  • 00:33 – Max for Live Convolution Reverb – examples, presets, parameter settings

    7:46 – Taking a vocal and throwing it into convolution reverb

    9:37 – Max for Live convolution reverb pro – more functionality (EQ, Position, Mod, Damp, Shape)

    13:34 – Granulator II – explaining granular synthesis

    15:35 – Messing with settings in granulator II

    19:02 – Sequencing in session view

    21:31 – Sequencing based on feel

    22:33 – Crash protection save as tip

    24:04 – Sweeping through audio with granulator

    25:00 – Favorite reverb – EOS AudioDamage Reverb



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