Alchemy Synth Tips & Tricks | Logic Pro X 10.2 | SFLogicNinja

Welcome to Logic Pro X 10.2!  In this series of video tips, Dave Earl aka SFLogicNinja takes you through the new Alchemy synth in Logic.  

Find out why Dave says that Alchemy is “by far, the coolest thing that happened in 10.2.”

Alchemy Synth Part 1: Browse and Simple Mode Overview

  • Using the Browse View
  • Using the Simple View
  • Navigating through the synth and patches using category, subcategory, genre, timbre and more
  • Performance mode and using the 8 different presets on the Transform Pads
  • Customizing your control knobs in Simple mode

Alchemy Synth Part 2: Advanced Mode Overview

    • Signal Flow
    • Advanced view overview
      •      Dynamic modulation section
    • Starting from Scratch
      •      Sources &  parameters
      •      27 Filter types and 12 effects on the 14 assignable filters (3 for each voice plus two global filters) 
      •      Routing options for filters and voices
    • Effects Busses
    • Master Section

    Alchemy Synth Part 3: Modulation in Alchemy

      • Modulator types
      • Depth (amount of influence the Alchemy modulator has on the destination)
      • LFO Shapes
      • Filter routing

      Alchemy Synth Part 4: Modulation Sources in Depth

        • Importing audio as a source
          •        Using the built in sample libraries
          •        Analysis modes
        • Modulation Sources
        • AHDSR envelope
          •       Using sync points in envelopes
        • MSEG looping envelope
          •       Slide Mode vs. Stretch Mode
          •       Presets
        • Sequencer
        • MODMAP

        Alchemy Synth Part 5: Advanced Sound Sources

        • Sound Sources
        • The difference between the analysis modes: Additive, Spectral, Granular and Sampler
        • Dave creates a beautifully full and lush patch using all the techniques from the series

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