A 12-week electronic music production course for aspiring producers.

San Francisco is a vibrant community full of artists and creators. It’s also full of people who have the proverbial “day job” but love music production and want to feed their hobby and their passion.

Coders, engineers, marketers, salespeople and other full-time employees love the Ableton Night program due to it’s compact and easy schedule.

In-person learning is much more effective than trying on your own so let our Music Production with Ableton Live program accelerate your transition out of the office and in to the studio. Being in class with other producers makes learning faster and much more fun than watching YouTube.

Get all your questions answered by our seasoned instructors and stop wasting time being lost, alone and stuck on the internet.

Explore Electronic Music Production

Begin your journey into creating music with Ableton Live with a program that is specifically tailored to you. By offering this class during the day or night, you can keep your “full-time job” until your music career takes off!

Train With experienced Producers

Pyramind’s facilities include multiple production studios and multi-workstation labs, all equipped with the latest gear. You’ll be working with industry-standard software and the guidance to get you to a great sounding finished track.

ProducE AMAZING SOUNDING Music in JUST 3 Months

It’s easy to get lost and bewildered with Ableton’s many production workflows. The ANP program is designed to cut through to the heart of what matters most and get you producing great music fast. This engaging twelve week program is designed for working professionals who don’t want waste time and get right to the joy of what makes creating electronic music so exciting.


Course Objectives

This robust course will prepare you not only to start finishing music on your own but it also provides the foundational skills needed to progress onto our more robust programs. Upon completion of this program you will be prepared to enroll straight into:

  • The Complete Producer Program
  • Sound for Picture & Games Program
  • Electronic Music Producer Program
  • Music Production Certificate Program

No matter if you are a hobbyist or an aspiring professional, there is a program option waiting for you!

Ready to Start?

Tuition: $2,195

  • payment plans available
  • day or night schedule
  • 1 day a week or 2 nights a week for 12 weeks
  • office/lab hours included
  • discounts on Ableton Live Suite & other gear
  • produce a portfolio piece of music