Creating monster sounds in Alton with expertise in music production online free.

Ableton Live Tips & Tricks | How to Make Monster Sounds

Ever wondered how to make a scream for a 500 pound orc?  In this Ableton Live sound design tutorial, our Synthesis and Sound Design instructor Taylor Elssaser takes us through the value of RePitch Warping in Ableton and demonstrates how to make monsters and aliens from easy to find audio sources as pigs snorts and horse neighs.

While Warping usually is used to separate Pitch and Time, RePitch does exactly the opposite by relinking them. Awesome sounding slow down and spin effects are the result! Perfect for video game monster sound design, or just adding some evil sounding effects to your music tracks. 

Please download the companion sample pack which gives you exports from the session as well as a couple animal sounds for you to try on your own.

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