A screen shot of the FL Studio music production program.

Ableton Live Tips & Tricks | Creating Dubstep Bass Lines by Taylor Elsasser

Ever wonder “How do I create really nasty dubstep bass sounds in Ableton?”  Well Pyramind Instructor, sound designer and producer Taylor Elsasser takes you through the process of creating a heavy hitting Dubstep bass line using built-in Ableton LIVE tools Operator and Corpus. Along the way, he’ll compare and contrast each of the steps so you can really hear the difference between the variations of settings.

Part One:

In part one Taylor walks through the fundamentals of creating a multi layered dubstep bass patch using Operator and Corpus.   

Part Two:

In part two he starts adding FX to get the sound even richer and more menacing.  Different LFO and filter combinations are explored and tweaked in detail while you watch.

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