Ableton Month – “LFO Stereo Trippy Space Rocket” FX Racks – Jason Morrison aka Jaswan

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Audio Samples:

Ableton Live – “LFO Stereo Space Rocket” FX Racks

By Jason Morrison (aka jaswan)

Take a trip to space with jaswan’s “LFO Stereo Space Rocket” FX pack for Ableton and Max for Live.

FROM JASWAN: “Included are 6 auto FX patches using all stock Ableton plugins. These are layered and stacked and self modulate and self warp and move. Just drop them on a sample or synth or whatever part of your track you want and get trippy.

I love playing in the stereo field and i love bringing that analog unpredictability into the digital world. I’ve created a pack containing  multiple plugins that are self modulating and multi-layered to add depth to your sounds, modifying their spatial field and harmonic ratios in an unpredictable but controllable way.

There are 6 separate effects in this pack and a 7th that contains all of the other racks combined, so you can play with each of them and mix them together.

There is also one of my favourite tools in there, the mono to stereo tool (jetpack joyride.) While it can be used on stereo samples as an awesome creative effect, it really comes into its own on material lacking stereo depth. It uses a simple technique involving isolating bands of the original audio and using an lfo to modulate the level and pan of each. In this example, I have done this with 3 bands. You could take this further and isolate further bands and even begin to modulate the frequency of the notches themselves in each band. You could even then use an lfo to modulate the lfo rates of the other lfos to add further incidental character.

It goes much further than a simple stereo widener as it affects the stereo field dynamically rather than simply creating a new static width.

I hope you enjoy playing around with these tools, looking at the concepts behind them and  getting some good use out of them. Jx”

Jason Morrison is a musician that has worked on Grammy award winning music with artists such as Bjork, had music featured in trailers for movies and video games such as Transformers 3 & Far Cry 3 as well as syncs for companies such as Nike.

He has a passion for emerging technologies and the creative possibilities
they ignite, having worked on projects for iOS, Nintendo Wii and diving into VR, AR & quantum computing. 

When not creating he can often be found researching, reading and processing the concepts of creativity itself, with particular interest in the roles of the conscious,  unconscious mind & the connection between the two.

He is currently working on new material under the alias ‘jaswan’ and is aiming to release his debut album in 2017.  

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