Collaborating And Performing with Ableton Link

Collaborating & Performing With Ableton Link

Collaborating & Performing With Ableton Link

The DJ 210 class at Pyramind was designed to harness the power of Ableton Live to create sophisticated DJ sets and Live performances. In this video segment Live 210 instructor Jimmy Su, challenges his students to do a collaborative performance using Ableton’s Link technology to synchronize all the computers in Pyramind’s D-Lab.

Ableton Link - Pyramind

“My philosophy for this class was to bring a live and collaborative aspect to electronic music. Many students coming in as producers have never played live instruments, much less shared the religious experience of making music with others in real-time. Ableton’s Link feature is amazing because it allows us to be creative and improvisational. It allows us to cultivate a performative relationship with our music outside of production, and share it with others.

But above all else, DJ Live 210 is about experimenting, collaborating and having fun!”

Jimmy Su- Ableton Live Instructor

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