A San Francisco Electronic Music Pioneer – Gavin Hardkiss | Ep. 018 [Mentor My Mix]

Gavin Hardkiss, electronic musician, DJ, label owner, producer, remixer, author and artist who has performed under the name “Gavin Hardkiss” and “Hawke”, shares his journey as a pioneer of electronic music in San Francisco in the 1990s.

Gavin talks about:

  • The formation of the Hardkiss Brothers, with partners Scott and Robbie
  • Stories of the underground rave scene from Philadelphia, to Brooklyn to the UK to the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Pre-Internet raving and getting to San Francisco in the summer of ’91 to light a fuse in the dance music scene
  • Renting San Carlos airport to throw a rave from 10 PM to 8 AM the next morning in a hanger
  • The formation of the Hardkiss Music label and Sun Burn Recordings
  • Signing with Sony Music
  • The importance of retaining the rights to your own music, and how it helped him run a profitable label while under Sony
  • Producing and releasing his most recent Album: The Dark Art Of Light Work and Greg and Gavin debate Spotify and other streaming platforms
  • Gavin talks about NFTs and how they could change the future for artists and musicians
  • Greg and Gavin break down the Ableton session for his newest Hawke track played at the opening and closing of the Podcast, Ping Pong



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