Music producer utilizing Ableton Live for sound design and reverse share effects, specializing in mixing and mastering.

3 Ways to Create Reverse Snare Effects

In this tutorial, Pyramind sound designer Brandon Roos walks us through three ways to build reverse snare drum sounds in Ableton Live. He uses Ableton stock devices to process and create the sounds.

First, he takes the snare he used in his song and processes it to give it a longer tail. He adds reverb, ping pong delay, and saturation to the sample. He then bounces the sound to audio, and reverses the audio.

The second technique he shows us is reversing an impact audio sample that contains a lot of downward movement. He adds reverb and compression to the sample before reversing the audio.

Last but not least, Brandon shows us how to create this type of sound using Ableton’s Analog synthesizer. He uses the noise oscillators in Analog, combined with Ableton’s Phaser, Reverb, and EQ Eight devices. After making the noise sound interesting enough, he bounces it to audio and uses fades to shape the sound.

Using multiple techniques to create this reverse snare sound effect yields more variation in your track, and can help keep the effect sounding fresh.

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