Building Your Music Production Studio

3 Considerations When Building Your Own Music Production Studio

Looking for a Music Production Studio? Here Are 3 Considerations...

(Guest author, Jackie Edwards)

For those in a music production studio, a professional music studio offers the benefits of acoustically treated rooms, thus allowing you to beautifully capture sounds. While a professional studio can offer a designated, private space for producing music – for those searching for something to invest in, finding the ideal studio space can be a challenging and stressful endeavor. Whether you plan to rent or buy a venue, here are just three things worth keeping in mind before you officially begin your search.

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1. Renting Vs. Buying a Music Production Studio - Which Is Better?

When looking for the perfect studio, renting vs. buying can present a major debate, as there are benefits and considerations to both. If you’re an experienced producer looking for a permanent production studio and have the funds to invest in recording equipment (or you happen to already have the equipment), then investing in a studio of your own can be a fantastic way to advance your career. However, if you’re on a budget or you’re only beginning your production career, renting can present a cost-effective solution for the time being. PeerSpace notes that renting a production studio can help you to use and even discover the tools needed for success, without having to make a large investment upfront while still allowing you to produce quality music. 

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While renting is a great option for those who need a short-term solution, looking into alternative options — like sharing a studio with another producer or recording artist can work to cut down on costs. If you’re unsure as to whether renting or buying is the best option for you, considering your budget, production needs, and whether you need a permanent solution or a short-term venue can all help greatly in determining the ideal route worth taking. 

2. Understanding Your Needs

Before setting out to look for the perfect studio, understanding what you need and want beforehand will allow you to take an organized approach when looking. This includes aspects such as the size of the space. According to Musicradar, you’ll need to factor in any additional space needed for features like acoustic isolation and control systems. Musicradar goes on to point out that bulky acoustic control systems, like bass traps and wideband absorbers can be focused on front and rear walls in order to maintain width, making this an important consideration for those who plan on starting with a bare space and moving in their equipment. 

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3. How A Realtor Can Help

Looking for the perfect studio for music production can be stressful, especially if you’re taking on the endeavor alone. Enlisting the help of a good realtor, however, can make all the difference in finding exactly what you want and need in a production studio. Not only will they help you to save time, but they can also aid in finding the best prices while ensuring you’re getting the features that you need. When looking for someone to help, it’s important to ensure that they possess a few essential characteristics — in addition to a professional reputation and strong work ethic, a realtor that has years of experience and extensive market knowledge will ensure you’re working with the right individual. 

While many may believe that contacting a realtor is primarily for those investing in residential property, those looking to rent can benefit from the help of a realtor, too. According to the U.S. News & World Report, using a real estate agent to find a rental can be particularly beneficial if you’re relocating to a new city, or if you’re worried about encountering a rental scam.

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Looking for the perfect production studio can be a challenging endeavor, though there are ways to make the journey less daunting. By thoughtfully considering renting vs. buying, understanding what you need and want in a studio, and enlisting the help of a qualified realtor, you’ll have the perfect studio in no time.

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