A building with a sign that says pyramidd, offering a music production program for mixing and mastering.

A tale of two cities and a bittersweet goodbye to Folsom St.

For the last 16 years Pyramind’s home has been 880 Folsom St. in SOMA San Francisco.  Matt Donner & I have grown our institute here with great success and as many of you know, have helped thousands of producers from The Bay Area and around the world evolve and launch their careers. We’ve provided employment and growth opportunities for so many and have produced hundreds of amazing projects, laughed, cried, fallen, picked ourselves back up again and learned over these many years that life is never a straight and narrow path.

As a native of San Francisco I have been witness to numerous booms and bust and varying economic cycles, but nothing like what this fair city has experienced in the past five years. The seemingly endless flood of tech fueled, VC funded and unicorn driven startups have white washed SF’s downtown and with it many of the artists and musicians who gave it its edge and diversity. Most of those who haven’t fled California have fled to the East Bay now. As the national news has been so effective in pointing out, the chasm between America’s top income earners and the middle class is widening in nearly every major metropolitan area, with San Francisco leading the way. A direct result being Real Estate in San Francisco being hotter than a server room on a rolling black out day.

The mass volume of people flooding into SF is definitely not what this city was ever built to support and so up go the cranes and high density housing. The really sad part is that even with all this wealth and investment money pouring in the number of homeless and drug addicted people roaming the streets has soared too! Sadly, smashed car windows and stolen laptops in SOMA are a daily occurrence. On the one side we have Salesforce Tower and on the other, tent encampments for the homeless by all the Freeway onramps.

Many are questioning this cities ability to sustain the insane pace of growth and what the growing inequity will bring and so as if right on cue, as Pyramind approached another lease term our landlords could only see dollar signs. Negotiations failed to yield a manageable rate and term so I knew that remaining on Folsom Street would be untenable. Adding to it all, the fact that there is no rent control on commercial real estate is particularly dumbfounding, especially for arts & education organizations like ours. Of course I am kicking myself for never having been able to buy commercial real estate to house Pyramind in. Oh believe me I’ve tried!

As you might imagine, moving four studios, two training labs and multiple administrative offices is no small task. Thanks to an amazing outpouring of community support from our students and friends we were able to do this in just over two weeks and our September classes were all able to start at our new locations!

This experience and change has brought a renewed sense of energy and connection to our students, faculty and community who have all been amazing and so supportive through this challenging transition.

Check out our new studio and facility pictures. More updates to follow.

With love and gratitude for all who have kept the faith and stood with us through this transition. I am humbled and so very grateful. ❤️????

Many thanks to our core team members who have kicked serious ass and remained incredibly loyal despite the challenges: Korise BigTunes Jubert (Photo & Video Credits), Deks BeatsSteve HeitheckerDaniel BlumDylan SeligmanMario Graham Adam Hecko, Jimmer SudetteDiane KohJosh Valdez, and all our trainers, engineers, producers and students who make it all possible! I am eternally grateful.

 New Classrooms - Mariposa St. SF New Classrooms – Mariposa St. SF  Studio A Gilbert St. Studio A Gilbert St.  Studio B - Gilbert St. Studio B – Gilbert St.  Studio C - Gilbert St. Studio C – Gilbert St.

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