Day: April 7, 2017

QLZ Student Trio Emerges from Pyramind

Most students who come to Pyramind have one goal above all others: create better music.

What they usually don’t expect is how often partnerships are formed and musical collaborations born.  

When Quinn Flagg, Lucas Kwasny, and Zach Montoya enrolled in the Complete Producer Program in September of 2016 they were strangers. Now, halfway through the curriculum, they’ve spent countless hours together every week in the studio to put out music under their collective alias, QLZ.

All three of them are solid producers in their own right, but the collaborations they have released so far have been as musically breathtaking as they are technically impressive. It’s fair to say that they’ve accomplished that number one goal of creating better music, and their careers are just getting started.

We sat down with them to chat about what their experience has been like here at Pyramind, the essence of their collaboration, technical workflow and more.  You can read the full interview below.

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