Day: July 6, 2016

Event | SubPac

SubPac is a wearable or seat-back device that projects physical sound directly into your body. In this three-part video series, Sean Leonard and Ryan Origin discuss how their product enhances the VR gaming experience, as well as ways it is being used for medical purposes.

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Anki Overdrive Interactive Audio for games

Anki is a robotics and AI company best known for developing the Anki OVERDRIVE, a customizeable racetrack with app-controlled robotic supercars. In this three-part video series, Audio Director Brian Min and Audio Coordinator Ashley Coull discuss the influence audio has on their products, how hardware guides their development cycle, and what audio can do for robotics.

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PullString – Producing interactive audio with AI

PullString is an entertainment and technology company that works to enable computer conversation with characters. In this three-part video series, Kevin Dusablon and Mike Forst discuss career mentorship, the inspiration behind the company’s vision, and how they envision their products being combined with AR and VR technology.

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