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New features you need to know about the logo 10 11 update for beatmaking.

11 New Features You Need to Know About from the Logic Pro 10.1 Update | sflogicninja

World renowned Logic Expert, sflogicninja aka Dave Earl here with an in depth look at the new features of Logic Pro X 10.1 update in this 11 part tutorial video series.  Let’s get started!

1. Drum Designer | Logic Pro X

In this first-of-series videos, the ‘Ninja’ takes you through the new Drum Machine Designer.  Like the other designers, its meant to widen the amount of control you can have over drummer and the drums played by Gavin and the gang.

2. Time Handles | Logic Pro X

New to Logic in 10.1, time handles afford you a fast and easy way to play with notes and time.  Part warp marker, part time manipulator, handles allow you work with regions and play with them in a variety of fun ways.

3. Creating Trap with Note Repeat | Logic Pro X

Playing Trap hats has never been easier.  In this tutorial, the ‘Ninja’ shows you how to leverage the Note Repeat tool and the Mod wheel to make programming hats fast and effective.

4. Brush Tips | Logic Pro X

• Easily click & drag the brush tool paired with the use of simple key commands you can now adjust pitch, velocity & note duration simultaneously or independently from each other.
• Learn how Time Handles let’s you create brush patterns.
• Lock patterns to a desired key with the Key Quantize function.
• Discover how to Transpose your patterns to different octaves and enable overdub.

5. Smart Quantize | Logic Pro X

• See how using Smart Quantize affects the beginning, length & end of your notes.

• Using Smart Quantize is a great way to preserve the natural aspect of your recordings.

6. Alternative Project & Backup Tips | Logic Pro X

• Learn how you can now save and export alternative takes of your Session in Logic Pro x 10.1

• Go in depth on how to load backups of your alternative projects

7. VCA Tips | Logic Pro X

• Get an inside look on the new grouping functions for your tracks

• Introducing the VCA fader for grouped tracks

8. Compressors Tips | Logic Pro X 

• Familiarize yourself with the new layout

• Inside look on the input/output gain meters

• New tutorial on gain reduction meter and graph meter mode

• Showcasing the new VCA compressor emulating the SSL channel G-bus Compressor

9. Automation Tips | Logic Pro X

•  Region based automations now let’s you automate any parameter you desire within the region/clip of your track

• See how automations are seamlessly copied when looping regions

• Track automations let’s you adjust volume automation in real time as well as new trimming and writing capabilities
• Discover the new feature of relative automation adjustments

10. Synthesizers Tips | Logic Pro X

Explore the new Melotron & Cinematic samples recorded from the original source files giving you absolute clarity.

• Over 200 new synth patches.

• Explore the new wave tables and design your very own waves by importing your recordings.

• Fresh batch of new apple loops.

11. Plugin Manager | Logic Pro X

• Learn to create custom categories for your plug-ins

• Separated by brands

• Add most used plugins in the “Top Level” section for quick and easy access to your plug-ins.

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